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Speakers are a central part of our lives. As a part of our interior decor, speakers have become indispensable in our homes. They reflect our personal taste and reveal much about our standards for the things that surround us.

The interplay of technical components must be finely tuned to create a seamless whole. The ideal chassis can only function perfectly under optimal conditions regarding frequency response, resonance, timing, and radiation behavior. Therefore, at LANSCHE AUDIO, we view a speaker as the meticulous composition of individual parts, enclosure, and crossover, all serving as technical means to the end of music reproduction.

In addition to the auditory pleasure, our sustainable production methods, long-term model policy, the highest quality of components used, and comprehensive service ensure the enduring value of these transducers.

Co-founder Rüdiger Lansche is a trained electrical engineer. As a passionate violinist, he has been involved in the development of speaker systems for over 40 years and brings decades of experience with the CORONA ion tweeter.

Initially working in the telecommunications sector, he early on delved into the fascinating possibilities offered by ion tweeters for speaker development.


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