Everything has gone into the No.7.2 speaker model to make a live music experience palpable. It was designed to produce music without limitation to dynamic range, frequency response or imaging capability. The consistent D'Appolito arrangement of two 26 cm long-throw bass drivers and the two 17 cm midrange drivers around the plasma tweeter allows music to be reproduced as directly and naturally as it was recorded in concert or in the recording studio.


With the natural look of first-class finished surfaces of multi-layer piano lacquer, this speaker enriches the living space and offers sensational in any music application.



passive speaker
design 3-way speaker, bass reflex
tweeter 1 x 0,3 in. CORONA plasma tweeter
midrange 2 x 6" papyrus, coated
woofer 2 x 11" aluminium

crossover frequencies 

250 Hz / 2.5 kHz

impedance (nominal) 

4 Ω (min. 3.0 Ω)
sensivity 92 dB / 1 W / 1 m

frequency range

23 Hz - 150 kHz ±3dB
 weight 150 kg (330 lbs.)


high polish black

high polish macassar

high polish white


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