The big bang starts low and continues at explosive speed. Anyone who wants to get an idea of how such a perfect, all-shaking impulse sounds should listen to this speaker. The cabinet architecture provides optimal working conditions for all functional levels. The loudspeaker masters jumps in dynamics without any problem, in quiet as well as in loud. This loudspeaker is a new form of sound architecture. Striking contours and elegant lines testify to an overall concept without exception.




passive speaker
  design 3½-way bass reflex system
  tweeter 1 x 0,3 in. CORONA plasma tweeter
  midrange 2 x 6.5" papyrus coated
  midrange 2 x 8“ papyrus coated
  woofer 2 x 16“ paper coated

crossover frequencies 

80 Hz / 200 Hz / 2.5 kHz

impedance (nominal) 

4 Ω (min. 3.4 Ω)
  sensivity 93 dB / 1 W / 1 m

frequency range

18 Hz - 150 kHz ±3dB
   weight 350 kg (770 lbs)



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